Zeynep Yümlü, 12 years ago, pursued a dream of creating happy flavors by venturing into the world of sugar art. With meticulous care, she designs every product, from cakes to cupcakes, cookies to wedding-baby favors, and figurines. These products, which require intense labor and craftsmanship, are prepared in her workshop with great precision. She leaves her mark on flavors that first satisfy herself and then us.


aims to share her recipes with viewers in fun, meditative, creatively stimulating, appetite-whetting, and consequently, happiness-inducing ways. To achieve this, she places ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) at the heart of her program.

💫Star: Zeynep Yümlü / Mutlu Dükkan
Agency: GoNova Media
Production: higgsArt
Director: Kerem Açıkbaş
Line Producer: Mehmet Baran
D.O.P: Emre Toraman
Sound: Yusuf Taşdemir
Camera Crew:
Refik Meriç İlter
Fatih Corih Yurtsever
Gaffer: Anıl Ercenk
Bestboy: Oğuzhan Yılmaz
Assistant: Alper Doğan